With Just 6 Minutes’ Practice A Day, You Could Have The
Answer To Soaring Success In Your Career & Personal Life,
Unshakable Health & Happiness, And A Life Awakened To
Your Purpose (as opposed to your porpoise)…

Unleash your hidden power and potential (not with Antony Robbins, but) with the Barefoot Doctor’s prescription for total life success - Taoist internal technology and life-mastery skills – an ancient system fully streamlined for the contemporary ‘warrior’, a time tested and proven self-empowerment program


Streamlined over 40 years of practice and teaching, School for Warriors – Transformational Training now has over 1000 graduates. Scientists, doctors, captains of industry, artists, musicians, DJs, CEOs and Entrepreneurs have all used School For Warriors – Transformational Training to experience a life beyond ordinary

Why settle for incremental personal growth when you can
experience full-blown exponential personal evolution?

If you’re like most people who use meditation, visualization or manifestation techniques, your goal is simple: you want to overcome your personal barriers. You want to give back and realize your highest potential.


And you know that across the world, more and more people like you are waking up to a more conscious lifestyle.


But why do some of these ‘lucky’ people experience deep life-changing transcendence – while you might still be wrestling with financial struggle, health challenges, unfulfilled potential, and jarring, unpredictable peaks and dull plateaus in your career and personal life?

This is what makes the difference between the consciously
evolved and the consciously stuck…

It’s all about inner technology and how well you’re using it for your personal evolution. Most ‘empowerment’ systems and techniques focus on a form of rigid, passive meditation, where you’re told exactly what to do and how to feel as you practice them.


But with School for Warriors – Transformational Training, you learn a form of active meditation used by all the finest martial arts masters in the world – the inner game and a way of being to spark tangible, profound, lasting change – which means you’re shown how be fully centered and powerful in your body and mind all the time not just when you practice – even while you’re asleep.


You’ll do this through a set of time-tested and highly refined mind and body exercises that come together from the inside out to empower your life. You will

·         overcome unwanted habits and beliefs

·         shift your career, personal life, relationships and health

·         transform the way people around you treat you, and

·         positively influence the lives of the people you love.


School for Warriors – Transformational Training is like working with a personal trainer, showing you exactly how your mind works, how your body works, and how to take command of different muscle groups and aspects of mind to get the results you want – except rather than it being strenuous, you’ll be doing gentle, easy exercises to focus your mind and expand your consciousness, as well as tone and benefit your body.    

Experience the personal evolution system used
by everyone from celebrities and super-successful
entrepreneurs to your next door neighbour

School for Warriors – Transformational Training is the Barefoot Doctor’s bestselling multimedia home training program that trains you to awaken your full potential. In it you’ll find a time-tested system of tools, exercises and insights that hundreds of people – including CEOs, athletes, artists, holistic health and medical professionals – use to realize their peak potential every day.


And in 2014, six years after launching the original online program, we’ve updated and optimized the School for Warriors – Transformational Training website for better results and a more engaging learning experience.


What You Gain from School for Warriors – Transformational Training


The Taoist super-skills taught in School for Warriors have been around for 1000s of years. Initially the preserve of emperors and their most elite warriors, the techniques were deemed so powerful and precious they were hidden, safeguarded and handed down only to the most talented through one-to-one learning.  Even today, mystery, debate and misinformation surround many of the Taoist teachings.


School for Warriors stays true to the original Taoist philosophy – it’s the culmination so far of Barefoot Doctor’s life’s work, exploring, interpreting, practicing and teaching these ancient methods.


As a master of qigong and the Taoist martial arts – Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Pa Kua and White Crane - and an avid student of philosophy, belief systems, spirituality and human potential, The Barefoot Doctor has made it his mission mission in School For Warriors to streamline the Taoist tools, techniques and exercises for internal transformation, bringing them bang up to date and ensuring you can slot them easily into your busy life.


This is what you can expect to gain from School for Warriors – Transformational Training…


1 Banish stress for good


Learn how to become and stay centred no matter the external circumstances, within a matter of minutes. Nothing bothers you. Your core is unshakeable no matter the pressures you face. Stress melts away. Productivity soars. Ambitions stay clearly in focus without distraction. Worries no longer suffocate you.


School For Warriors – Transformational Training Stage One takes you through the Eight Principles of Personal Power, teaching you how to centre and strengthen your core – like training your abs in the gym, but you’re training your inner core to remain strong and stable, so you can flow with whatever life throws at you.


2  Develop positive thought patterns


If your core is unshakeable and you understand that life flows like yin and yang, then your thoughts remain more positive because you know you have nothing to fear – you actually get it that everything works for you.


You’ll find it comes naturally to behave in a truly decent way with natural, instinctive ethics, positive attitudes to family members, friends and the people you work with and this helps you to develop better social self-image. You’ll feel more positive about yourself too – that irritating, debilitating, self-critical inner voice gets muted.


You’ll feel less shyness, more confidence and an increased capacity to trust life and yourself to live it well.  You’ll find it easier to work and co-operate with others, and others will find it easier co-operating with you as your  self-assurance and open-heartedness grows.


3   Learn to naturally accelerate your body’s rate of healing


It’s widely acknowledged that the mind is the driving force behind ALL healing. In School For Warriors – Tranformational Training you learn a variety of mental visualization methods and simple physical exercises based on acupressure and acupuncture points designed to accelerate your mind and body’s natural capacity for physical and emotional healing.


4  Boost your creativity


Studies show that creativity is enhanced when you are more relaxed, fully in your body and able to meditate at will. As you work through School for Warriors – Tranformational Training you’ll find it easier to use your creative mind to help you think of solutions to problems, enhance creativity or let inspiration flow.


School For Warriors graduates have used this process to start, build and innovate in business, or to create works of art, literature and music.


5  Think big and attain powerful goals


School For Warriors – Transformational Training is more than a motivational self-help course. Motivational self-help courses leave you on a high for a few days but people often revert to their old ways after several weeks. Not so with School For Warriors.


Each exercise builds on the previous foundation.  And just six minutes of practice a day will help you become permanently more self-assured and positive. But most of all, with regular daily relaxation and practice you learn to think bigger, set higher goals and seek to achieve things that contribute to the greater good.


Whether you’re 12 years old or 80 years old, School For Warriors – Tranformational Training makes you think bigger, and plants in you the unbreakable desire to accomplish and do more with your life.


6   Performance enhancement for sports and your career


Many studies have shown the effectiveness of mental training, including visualization.  Athletes use it to overcome their personal blocks and win races, creating mental images of the exact movements they want to emulate in their sport. Business people use it to move towards their dream career – envisioning the company, the role, the difference they will make.


In School For Warriors – Transformational Training you learn not just how to visualise, but how to project yourself forward into the life you want, and to experience and feel the joys of achieving your goals. The results can be very significant.


7  Relax more easily and sleep better


Relaxation is one of the biggest things The Barefoot Doctor teaches.  Not slumping in front of the TV, but positive relaxation of mind and body. You learn how to meditate no matter where you are – in the supermarket, waiting in line, in the midst of chaos or confusion, when you have a big decision to make.


Being able to relax at will, become centred and calm your racing mind means you’ll also sleep better, especially when facing challenges in life.  And through sleep the body repairs and renews so you can face the new day ready and raring to go.


8  Enhance intuition


Everyone is born with intuitive abilities but not everyone uses them. School For Warriors – Transformational Training helps you to function at a highly intuitive level. Through time-tested Taoist processes, you’ll learn how to use your inbuilt psychic abilities in everyday life, and use your ‘gut feeling’ for a happier, more successful and more enlightened life.


You’ll think more clearly, make better decisions and know you have made the right decisions for you.


We have all heard many times that anyone can control the direction and pattern of their lives if they just know how. In School For Warriors – Transformational Training, you will learn simple, practical and safe ways to bring about this control so you see noticeable results quickly.

So what is Taoism and what Taoist methods
does School for Warriors – Transformational Training use?

Taoism is the most evolved, sophisticated, practical and effective inner technology ever developed. Its roots go back thousands of years to ancient China, yet it is universally relevant and effective in the modern world.


The pure form of Taoism practiced and taught for over 40 years by the Barefoot Doctor and which he’s often tagged as Wayward Taoism (as in being a ward of the Way, brings you directly into face-to-face contact with the Tao, by engendering an instantaneous state of enlightenment.


Tao is the ancient Chinese word (pronounced with a soft T and not the coarser sound of a full D) for the ubiquitous, all-creating, all-informing, all-animating, and all-connecting presence beyond words. It is variously translated as The Way, The Great Way, The Great Flow, Mother of all existence and non-existence, the Great Sympathy, The Great Comedian (translation peculiar to Barefoot Doctor) The Great Blah (likewise), The Great Thoroughfare, along with many other more obscure appellations.


Mildly alarmingly yet predictably in light of the human tendency to make definitions, then generate a set of rules and restrictions to guard those definitions, to make institutions out of a good idea, to create religions and thereby divisions, one stream of Taoism morphed into a quasi-religion about 400 years ago, complete with all the usual mumbo jumbo – Taoism for idiots.


This is a total anathema to the spirit of pure Taoism and the inherent danger of isms.


Taoism requires no priest or intermediary, no organization or liturgy, no dogma, no faith, no belief, no mumbo jumbo, no silly vocal quirks, no bizarre ritualized ticks or spasms, and no obedience of any kind, other than to the immutable, inescapable universal laws of yin and yang.


And while dialogue with the presence, the Tao, the God, is encouraged if it arises spontaneously, as opposed to by contrivance or forcing it, it is dialogue, meaning a two-way exchange, rather than, or as well as monologue style supplication through prayer.


However its practice at the master level mostly consists, as taught in School for Warriors – Transformational training, in training yourself on a daily basis in your chosen routine from a plethora of psychophysical techniques that enable you to

·         wend your way and obtain the resources and opportunities you need in optimum comfort and style while expending the minimum level of effort;


·         creativity-enhancement techniques (to encourage both a greater throughput of material from your muses, and the ability and skill to express the result with eloquence and elegance);


·         self-applied stimulation of acupuncture points (by needling if you know how, by acupressure, by rubbing, stroking, kneading, percussing, pinching; and even chanting various sounds into various parts of the body and by


·         feng shui techniques to create a stronger energetic alignment in your home and place of work.


And all this subtended by a background understanding of and appreciation for

the way the primordial forces of yin and yang command all aspects of manifest reality, and the ability to discern between the causative level and the manifest level at all times, as well as appreciate and learn to utilize the chi, the energy or kinetic force of the Tao in motion, thus being in the world but not of it.


Daily practice enables you to reference all experience to what’s going on in your body, as opposed to your thoughts and thus affect the experience you’re having by such levers as adjusting your breathing, your posture, the elasticity of your muscles, positioning your awareness in different parts of your brain and so on.


Daily practice has a cumulative effect. In the fullness of time you learn to maintain a state of meditation at all times, while simultaneously engaged in the daily round: while walking, talking, implementing ideas, and fulfilling all your tasks and obligations. This affords you the ability to sustain an enlightened state at all times, whence derives the highly evasive bliss people normally seek in vain in externals, hence in the world loving every minute, yet not of it, so no longer deluded or entranced by the usual nonsense of seeking prestige, power, wealth, possessions, popularity inclusion and all the rest of it.


Along with this comes a natural amplification of your inner childlike playful spirit. You become like a child again, but one who is able to self-conduct responsibly in the world. You play in life rather than struggle with life. As a result you enjoy it all a thousand times more.

Experience the pinnacle in personal empowerment
with School for Warriors – Transformational Training

Available exclusively on this newly updated, mobile responsive website, School For Warriors – Transformational Training is a video-based home training program. It’s like being at a live training event with the Barefoot Doctor himself – but from the comfort of home.


The training is in three parts:


            School for Warriors 1

Foundation Level - The Eight Principles of Personal Power


School for Warriors 2

Intermediate Level - Access, Develop and Focus Chi


School for Warriors 3

Advanced Level - Transmute Chi Into Pure Spirit    

Start here with School for Warriors 1
Foundation Level Training
The Eight Principles of Personal Power

Principle 1: Moving as a Unified Force

Training your body to gather your attention and awareness into your CENTER so that you move as ONE unified force field of energy is the first essential practice of all martial arts.


Principle 2: Mindful Breathing

Your breath is THE most powerful tool you have to SHIFT your consciousness, and every circumstance in your life. When you turn your attention to your breath, and focus your pure attention on it, everything within—and without—begins to change.


Principle 3: Expanding Your Posture

The skill of lengthening your spine and dropping into your most perfect posture allows you move with greater EASE, less tension and wasted energy.


Principle 4: Relax~ Soften Your Muscles

Once your skeleton is ‘stacked’ right your muscles begin to RELAX, to soften around your bones. You experience a dynamic ease.


Principle 5: Sink Your Weight

Dropping into your center…the physical center of your body, your gravitational center, as well as your energetic center is one of the most powerful skills you will EVER learn in your life. The power and grace available to you once you SINK is incredible.


Principle 6: Your Mind into Your Mid-Brain

This is where things get a bit advanced (and esoteric). This is real awareness training. The ancient Chinese masters taught that turning your attention to your mid-brain taps you into a realm of PURE awareness. Once you learn how to access this powerful and potent realm you can return over and over to the ONENESS of all things.


Principle 7: Opening Your Heart

Open heartedness and compassion are the keys to balancing the depth of awareness in Principle 6. It is through your relationships and the LOVE in your heart that your life truly flourishes. Once you are embodied and cultivating your awareness, ‘Opening Your Heart’ is the next ultimate gift you give to yourself, and everyone around you.


Principle 8: Experiencing the Tao

Integrating all the other seven principles into the microscopic moment of your everyday life opens doors of potential and possibility.


This is of course a very-brief description of the eight principles. We could have written MUCH more, but this would have been a fifty page letter, no an entire book. But rest assured that a short daily practice of these eight principles will give YOU the boost, the fuel, the juice you need to tap your inner wisdom and make the RIGHT decisions to change your life for the BETTER.


Are you ready to transform your life?


Each week of School for Warriors 1 you receive:


·         a short video introduction to one of the eight principles, followed by


·         five video exercises to focus your attention and daily practice on experiencing that principle in your body, in your daily life, throughout your day.


Simply watch each video, follow along, then mindfully apply the teaching.


You’ll also receive these bonuses:


·         Weekly companion emails
To support you with this week’s exercises


·         Weekly audio affirmations
To help you embed the training, your weekly audios focus on embodying the distilled wisdom of each principle into your mind and your life.


·         Barefoot Meditation audios
Stillness at the heart of the universe
Super Joy
Ride the Swing
Dub Surprise


·         Total Taoist Recalibration Meditation Training
In these audios, I demystify meditation, and examine why it’s so good for you. I explain how meditation has affected my life for the better and I go into FULL detail of how to meditate the Taoist way.


·         The community of School for Warriors participants…past and present (value: priceless)


Are you ready for School for Warriors 1?


Eight Week Intensive School for Warriors-1 The Eight Principles of Personal Power Video-Based Training ($797 Value)

View or download on computer, tablet or phone

Weekly in depth video introduction + 5 videos a week - 40 training videos packed with knowledge, hints & tips

Step by Step instruction in all 8 Principles of Personal Power

A new exercise every day to take you deeper into the 8 Principles of Personal Power

Download & replay to practice.

SFW1 - Weekly support – Companion Email Tutorial Series ($97 Value)

Each week you get an email tutorial from me adding my latest insights...and stories...into the body-mind-energy exercises at hand.

SFW1 - Bonuses ($291 Value)

  • Weekly Audio Affirmations
  • Barefoot Meditation Audios
  • Total Taoist Recalibration Meditation Training

We have a 100% no-questions-asked 30 day Guarantee.

So you get the School for Warriors 1 Exclusive Eight Week Intensive Training System with 40 exercise videos PLUS:

  • You get the School for Warriors 1 Companion Email Tutorial Series
  • You get the Weekly Audio Affirmations
    You get the Barefoot Meditation Audios
  • You get the Total Taoist Recalibration Meditation Training

That’s a 1,185 dollar value!

You get all of this training...over 4 decades of Barefoot Doctor's experience in practicing & teaching the Eight Principles of Personal Power, demystified & presented in easy video format over Eight Weeks for...

What is it going to cost you?
Just $297

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Love and CHI!
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